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The stone memorial archway of Miaogouhou
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    The stone memorial archway of Miaogouhou, awarded the national key relic protection object by the state council in June 2001, is a one-storied wood-like stone structure and made of a local stone material called Meiyuan stones. This magnificent archway was delicately carved and is regarded as the earliest stone archway among the still existing ancient archways in chain. The archway was set up in Jiajing period (the reign title of an emperor in Ming Dynasty) 1522-1566 B.C., with a height of 6.4m and a width of 3.4m. This archway with single eave adopts an ancient archway style called Xieshan style, whose features is two kinds of roof beams known as Laojiao and Zaojiao style.

    Located on the hillside, the tomb passage was destroyed and the identity of the buried person in the tomb could not be found. According to the experts’ opinions, the stone archway came into being imitating the wood archway. Either the structure or the delicate carvings style is the imitation of the wood archways. This fact tells that the archway of Miaogouhou is totally different with the archways made in Ming and Qing dynasties but is identical with the description in the architecture book named Yinzaofashi of the Song Dynasty. Thus it is inferred that the stone archway was made during the transitional period from wood archway to stone archway. This existing stone archway is a precious sample for the studies of the stone archways made before Ming Dynasty and enjoys a high value of historical and cultural study.