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Tian Tong temple
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    Tian Tong Temple is located at the foot of Taibai Mountain, in Ningbo. It is renowned as the southeastern Buddha kingdom.

    It is said that during the Yongkang period of the West Jin Dynasty (732AD), there was a monk, Yi Xing by name. One day when he visited the Yin County, he was fascinated by the beautiful scenery in the East Valley, and decided to build a temple, where he could preach to the people. He was so diligent that even the jade emperor was moved and sent Venus God to the earth as a bodyguard for Yi Xing. From this legend comes the name of the temple.

    During the 20th year of Kaiyuan period of Tang Dynasty(732AD), A monk, named FaXuan, rebuilt the temple, and named it “Taibai Fine House”, which is known to people the original site for the Tian Tong Temple. During the 2nd year of Zhengde period of Tang Dynasty (757AD), monks Zong Bi and Xian Cong moved the temple to where the temple is currently located. During the 1st year of Huichang period of Tang Dynasty(841AD), monk Jin was in charge of the temple and developed it. Later in the Song Dynasty, it became one of the five greatest temples. And the name “Tian Tong Temple” finally came into being in Ming Dynasty (1382AD). In the Qing dynasty, this temple, together with Jin Shan Temple in Zhengjiang, Tian Ming Temple in Changzhou and Gao Wen Temple in Yangzhou, were listed as the four greatest temples in china.

    Tian Tong Temple is surrounded by mountains in all its sides, nearby there is the Tian Tong Forest Park. In front of the temple, a zigzagged path, lined by grand pine trees, and the pavilions and towers decorate each other. Among them there are ten famous scenic spots such as “Pine Tree at the Pathend”, “Bamboos at the Whistling Cliff”, “Snow Spring”, “Twin-pond reflecting the View” and so on. Wondering along, you will recall the beautiful poems.