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The stone carving park of the Southern Song Dynasty
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    The stone carving park of the Southern Song Dynasty ( Museum) is a trade and investment promotion project recommended by the Committee, after well reparation, protection and plan. It has a deep significance in stone carving art, and contributing to Dong Qian Lake’s reputation as “Lake of Culture”

    Stone carvings along the tomb passage are mainly in the shape of elephants, which are arranged according to the ancient codes of etiquette. Most of them belong to the family of Mr.Shi, which was the most distinguished family in Song Dynasty. It is said that in Shi’s family tree “three prime ministers from one family,two kings from four generations " and " of the all the civil and military officials,half is from Shi's.” Among all the carvings, the tomb of Shi Zhao, whose posthumous title was the duke of Yue, the tomb of Shi Jian, whose title was the duke of Qi , the tomb of Mrs.Ye who is the queen of the Yi Country and other eight tombs are well preserved. Path was built along the mountain edge, about 50 meter long, some stone carvings along the tomb leading-path are officials (signify honesties), warriors (signify bravery), crouching tigers (signify integrity), horses (signify loyalty) and kneeling sheep (signify obedience), they line the path, facing one another. Others are in the form of memorial column, oversized armchair, and stone archways. The biggest ones are courtiers and warriors statuses, they are about 3.5m high, with lively shape and vivid facial expressions