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Brief Introduction of Dong Qian Lake Resort
Surrounded by successive green mountains and beautiful scenery, there is a brilliant pearl glittering in southeast suburbs of Ningbo downtown, Dong Qian Lake by name. It is harmoniously melted with the grace of West Lake and the verve of Tai Hu Lake, said Guo Moruo, a well-knownChinese litterateur. Dong Qian Lake, a typical natural lake, is the largest freshwater lake in Zhejiang Province; which was dredged and renovated in several dynasties. Now it covers an area of 20 square kilometers and has a perimeter of 45km with a length of 8.5km from the north to the south and a width of 4.5km fro...[details]
The stone memorial archway of Miaogouhou
The stone memorial archway of Miaogouhou, awarded the national key relic protection object by the state council in June 2001, is a one-storied wood-like stone structure and made of a local stone material called Meiyuan stones. This magnificent archway was delicately carved and is regarded as the earliest stone archway among the still existing ancie... [details]
Lake ring highway
Lake ring highway is 45 kilometers long totally, which is one of the main street in DongQian Lake Resort, with the total investment of RMB900000000,and the driving speed is 30-40km/h. the highway is designed as two-way driveway, and 3-meter-wide pavement on two sides, with the whole width of 24 meters. The construction of the highway will further s... [details]
Asoka Temple
Asoka Temple is located 20 km to the east of Ningbo, it is named after king of India—Asoka. As the only temple named after an India king left in china, it is world famous not only for its reputation as one of the Five Great China Buddhism Temples, but also for Buddhist relics it collected. Splendid and magnificent, the temple covers an area of 8... [details]
Tian Tong temple
Tian Tong Temple is located at the foot of Taibai Mountain, in Ningbo. It is renowned as the southeastern Buddha kingdom. It is said that during the Yongkang period of the West Jin Dynasty (732AD), there was a monk, Yi Xing by name. One day when he visited the Yin County, he was fascinated by the beautiful scenery in the East Valley, and decided... [details]
The stone carving park of the Southern Song Dynasty
The stone carving park of the Southern Song Dynasty ( Museum) is a trade and investment promotion project recommended by the Committee, after well reparation, protection and plan. It has a deep significance in stone carving art, and contributing to Dong Qian Lake’s reputation as “Lake of Culture” Stone carvings along the tomb passage are mainly ... [details]
Ningbo Zoo
Ningbo Zoo is located in Gao Qian Village in Dong Qian Lake Resort area, covered an area of 2600 mu, with the total investment of RMB500000000. There are more than 200 kinds of animals, totally over including a great number of rarse animals, such as giant panda, golden-haired monkey, white lion, rhinoceros, etc. In the zoo there are continuous mou... [details]